Ultrasonic Heat meter
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Product Feature

    Certificated by MID and CMC and conform to CJ128-2007 and EN-1434 Norm. Compatible with AGFW NOWA protocol.
    High Capacity 3.6V lithium battery inside, above 10 years life time.
    No straight piping requirements for DN15-40 meter installation, support flow and return water installation, even for horizontal and vertical installation, can be mounted at any angle.
    The modular design, support thread and flange connections.
    Complies CJ/T 188, GB/T 26831,MODBUS RTU and EN 13757 communication protocol.
    Support wireless, optical,RS485 and M-Bus interfaces;convenient for user to manage data in different manners.
    Unique design for calculator case, that calculator can be adjusted within 0°~120° in vertical and can be rotated within 0°~350°in horizontal, convenient for user to read data from different direction.