Ultrasonic Heat meter
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Product Feature

    Calculator can be hung at the body or installed separately,distance apart could be up to 10 meter.
    Internal 3.6V high capacity lithium battery,external AC220V or DC24V optional.
    Unique design for fluid structure to improve measuring accuracy & stability and reduce the requirement for straight piping during installation to up 5 and down 0.
    IP68 grade.
    Can be mounted in flow pipe or in return pipe, and can be mounted in horizontal or vertical installation for different customer requirements.
    Complies CJ/T 188, GB/T 26831, MODBUS RTU and EN 13757 communication protocol.
    Support optical, RS485, wire and wireless M-Bus, short message, GPRS, pulse output interfaces, convenient for user to manage data in different manners.
    4~20 mA output optional.
    Complies with AGFW NOWA protocol